Homeschool Resources for NW Arkansas

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Disclaimer: The sole purpose of Educate NWA is to share information with homeschoolers. The information shared is simply to inform homeschoolers of some options available in NWA. Each family will need to research each group, make any contacts, and attend gatherings, as is deemed appropriate for the individual familys’ needs and values. Roadrunners Homeschooling has not, nor does it intend to, look into the beliefs, teachings, and practices of each group/opportunity listed. This list is not exhaustive. By providing this list of information, Roadrunners Homeschooling and Educate NWA is in no way recommending or endorsing any of the groups, services, or individuals listed. Roadrunners Homeschooling reserves the right to deny listing any group or opportunity at the discretion of our board. is an outreach of

ACE: Alternate Community Education, LLC
Our programs include Social Homeschoolers Network of NWA, SHN Academy, Community Enrichment Program, Empower Learning Center, and Eaglet Preschool Academy. Each of our programs varies in its offerings and meets specific goals and needs within the homeschool community. We encourage you to look through our website and contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have!

Art Tech
Art Tech is a homeschool group that focuses on cultivating God’s creative spark in our children. Art Tech offers a weekly half-day, parent involved, co-op for students 4 years - 12th grade with classes focused in the arts and technology. Art Tech also produces a musical or play each semester for students in 4th - 12th grade. Feel free to contact Art Tech at for more information.

C.H.E.S.S. (Christian Home Educators of Siloam Springs)
Parent-led, support group of home educators whose purpose is to encourage parents in their home education decision and to provide academic, cooperative, and fellowship opportunities for children.

Choice Education Network
Offer numerous programs, along with networking with other homeschool groups/opportunities. Choir, S.T.E.A.M., Journalism, Archery, Art, Active Kids.

Classical Conversations
CC's mission is to "know God and to make Him known." Groups meet 1/week and work with ages 4 through high school. There are many groups in the area.

Cornerstone Homeschool Connection
Cornerstone Homeschool Connection exists to provide support, information, and encouragement to Northwest Arkansas homeschooling families. For those considering home education, we are a hub of local information and resources. We have a monthly Mom’s Night Out, teen class & hangout, park days, occasional parties, and an annual homeschool event. All are welcome. No membership. No participation requirements. No cost.

ETC Eclectic Teaching Consortium
ETC is an eclectic group of home-educating Christ-followers (and friends) who share support, academic supplements, and social opportunities. ETC consists of two campuses: one in Bentonville and one in Siloam Springs. High-quality Core academic classes for PreK thru high school meet 2 days a week at each campus. A large variety of Elective/Extracurricular classes for all ages are held 1-3 days a week. Family activities and Moms’ fellowships are a regular part of what makes the ETC community. Monthly field trips, teen activities, service projects, parties, and K-6 fun days, as well as an annual graduation ceremony and a teen formal, round out ETC’s offerings. All we do is done in the light of a Biblical worldview and with expectations of a high standard of behavior.

Liberty Hall
Liberty Hall is a faith based, home centered organization with principles based in faith, freedom, and constitutional liberty. Scholars ages 5-17 will have weekly experiential learning opportunities and field trips. Liberty Hall uses Family School Online and LiftED American Heritage curriculum as their base curriculum. Other curriculums are welcome to be used during at home learning days. Please send an email to for the full information packet or to ask any questions.

St. Gabriel's Catholic Homeschool Group
We are a Roman Catholic homeschool group in NWA, offering support, co-op classes, field trips, and social activities for the students and families. Contact Melanie Vogel ( for more information.

Surgamus Speech and Debate Club
Our name is Latin and means “Let Us Rise.” We are affiliated with STOA—the only national homeschool speech and debate league. Club Mission: to train Christian homeschooled youth in speech and debate in order to better communicate a Biblical worldview. For more info, email

Wild and Unstructured Learning
A teaching organization that offers online classes as well as local in-person co-op meetings for homeschoolers in NWA. Our co-op is secular, inclusive and hands-on, designed for kids 5 and up. Co-op meetings are on Wednesdays 11am-1pm at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center in Fayetteville, and on Fridays 1-3pm at Creekside Park in Farmington.
Brooke Payne
Brooke Payne, Dyslexia Therapist: I tutor using the TakeFlight Curriculum developed out of the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital program for students with dyslexia. My primary goal is to get students reading independently and help equip them to manage their dyslexic tendencies at home or in the classroom. I can evaluate students for dyslexic characteristics.

Carli Becker, teacher, tutor, artist. Trained and experienced working with students with dyslexia, ADHD, and struggling readers/math students. I use an Orton-Gillingham based reading program and game like exercises to improve reading, comprehension and memory skills. $35 hr. (615) 347-2442

Connect Learning Studio
Kristin is a local teacher-tutor with 10+years experience in supporting students & homeschool families. Current services include interest-based education coaching to encourage students in pursuing their passions as well as online tutoring in math & reading for all ages. Please reach out for a free consultation to connect what services & schedule will be best for your student!

Dyslexia Tutoring
Nicola Wilburn, Dyslexia Specialist (
I specialize in tutoring kids who struggle with spelling and reading. I am certified in the Barton Reading and Spelling Program.

High School English Courses by Melody Berry
In-person classes (Fayetteville) focused on reading and understanding classic literature and building writing skills to prepare for college composition. Classes meet once a week for 1 hour. Please contact Melody Berry at for more information.

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Instruction
Angie Tennant, Registered IEW Instructor. Contact to register for class: or click link and message on fb.

Juli Sallings Spanish
Small homeschool Spanish classes at my home in north Fayetteville. Homeschooling mom with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and a background in interpreting. Classes from ages 4 to 18, including for beginners, for interest, and for your homeschool transcript. Offerings vary by semester.

Kathy Maes
I am a Dyslexia Specialist and have been tutoring students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and other reading difficulties for 17 years. I work with grades K-8. I love to work one-on-one with students but am open to small groups. I am trained and certified in several Orton Gillingham based programs as well as a Dyslexia Certification. My sessions include reading, spelling, comprehension and just building the kids up to believe in themselves. My goal is to help each child see themselves as accepted, capable, and successful students. (303) 507-8454.

Learning with Carla Smitherman
I am a retired teacher with a bachelor's degree in Education and Master in Math and English. I love helping children reach their dreams and succeed in life. I provide curriculum, weekly assignments, tests, and grades. Available via phone, text messages, and FaceTime. References upon request. Email: for more information.

Diana Plattner, Dyslexia/Reading Specialist
(479) 521-6500

Time Travelers Literature
Providing the opportunity for students to become time travelers, appreciating the books we read in their own literary tradition, their time in history, and their culture. We have a limited amount of reading so there is time to read attentively, to understand, and to enjoy. We read and discuss great books together, learning how stories work and how they connect to each other. Contact me (Esther) through my site or email me at What parents say, "I would highly recommend Esther’s class for anyone who wants their child to love literature."

Virtual Milestone Academy
I provide intervention and consultation services for students and families.
Megan Cawlfield, MS CCC SLP , C- SLDI
Athletes in Action
Located in Fayettville, and led by Tyler McMahan who works with Razorback coaches and athletes to raise up leaders. We offer different sports for homeschooling families where we teach how to get the Big W (worship) first and go for the little w (wins) with all we have. Kids learn how to play well by showing hustle, respect, and encouragement. Our goal is to help you at home by training on the field or court. Ask around from other parents how playing has improved their kids behavior and schooling at home.
Email to get on the email list for upcoming opportunities.

Barracudas Day Time Swim Team
Meets at the Bentonville Community Center. Call and ask for more information.

Boulders & Brews Climbing & Coffee
Offering homeschool discounts on Tuesday and Friday mornings, as well as discounted pricing on Saturday. Summer Camps offered through the summer. Located in Fayetteville.

Buddy Pegs
We have amazing kids' bike programs and a monthly membership program. We Teach Self-Confidence, Resilience, and Connection to Nature, While Developing an Important Life Skill – Bike Riding.

CLIMB Bentonville
This is a space for homeschoolers to build a passion for climbing and discover all of the incredible life lessons climbing can provide. We offer a homeschool discount on the 2nd Friday of each month during certain hours. Register at

Cornerstone Spartans Sports Ministries
We are a Christian non-profit 8-man tackle football team for student athletes grade 8-12, Homeschool, privateschool or public schools. We are dedicated to teaching all young men about Christ through football. Our players are given opportunities to make better choices, life long. Whatever the need be, our organization will help guide our players and parents to our best ability. In the past, players have decided to change the paths they were on, lead better lives, and go on to gain scholarships for further education. Contact us for more information.

Fayetteville Martial Arts
FMA offers homeschool Taekwon-Do classes four days per week for children ages 6-14. First semester classes begin in August and conclude in December. Second semester classes begin in Jan and conclude in April.

Flip Side Ninja Park
Offers homeschoolers 10% off semesters.

Genesis Gymnastics
Offers multiple daytime class options for homeschoolers. Frequent their facebook page to view their monthly Open Gym Days, Parents Night Out, Camps, etc.

Goldfish Swim School
Day classes available.

Offers daytime classes for homeschoolers.

NWA Hornets
Competitive homeschool sports league, offering basketball, baseball, cheer, track and field, and cross country.

NWA Wado Kai
Traditional Karate Classes taught by homeschool mom, Joanne Johnson.

Roadrunners Homeschooling
Learn and play a new sport each month. Meets 3x/month. Commitment is on a month-to-month basis. Cost is minimal. Join Email List.

Roller City, Springdale
3rd Friday of each month (September through May), 1:00-3:00 p.m.
$4.00 per skater includes skates or inline skates (please just pick one since they are being so generous with the entry price and also not charging extra for inline skates!!!)
AGE 4 and under are FREE
Rolling skater-aid support/trainers are available for rental too.
They will have a playlist of various types of music - play requests are welcomed.
Snack bar available : Please DO NOT bring in outside food or beverages. The rink opens for us exclusively, so if you or your kids want snacks or drinks, we need to support Roller City's generous hospitality by purchasing from their snack bar.
PARENTS: Amy Calhoun has set this up with the skating rink; they have allotted us a time when they're open for homeschoolers ONLY. Amy often will be there, but there will NOT be someone responsible for keeping up with all the children that attend -- that is up to each parent/family.
NO ONE is responsible for your child but YOU! Please do not drop off skaters at the rink, unless another adult has explicitly agreed to watch your child. A good rule of thumb: any child who is too young to drive to the rink alone should not be there without supervision.
RSVPs are not needed. You are welcome to just show up the day of the event.
THANK YOU to all those who attend (or have attended in the past) for making this an enjoyable event for all our families!

X-Factor Home School P.E.
Homeschool P.E. in Fayetteville. Offers a weekly physical education class for children enrolled in home-school to ensure that participants receive training in Health and Fitness as part of their studies. Classes teach the fundamentals of warm-up, physical activity, teamwork, health education, and nutrition all while partnering with local organizations to enhance and expand learning opportunities. X-Factor is scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 9:30am - 11:00am during the spring and fall semesters.
Homeschooling for College Credit in Arkansas
Facebook group.

Homeschooling Littles in NWA
This group was created to connect homeschooling families in NWA who have young children around 3-7 years old. We can encourage, share and learn, and set up play dates! Let’s model kindness and respect as adults as we share life in the group! Looking forward to connecting with others in the same area of life!

NWA Christian Homeschoolers
Facebook group for sharing field trips, play dates, or just being there to support for each other.

NWA Homeschool Hub
Facebook group connecting homeschoolers all over NWA to help provide opportunities/resources for our students, better one other, and help support one another on this journey.

NWA Homeschoolers
Facebook group. Our purpose is to connect locally in Northwest Arkansas, share & inspire each other as we go through this amazing homeschool journey together!

NWArkansas Homeschoolers
Facebook group for making communication and meetups easier for homeschoolers in the area.

Ozark Homeschool Community
Facebook group and uses Band App. Homeschool fields trips, play dates, park dates, dances, and events. No fees or dues.
Harmony Youth Dance Center
Offers discounted rate and special class times for homeschoolers.

Ozark Ballet Theater
We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to improving access to high quality classical ballet education. We offer discounted class rates for homeschoolers.

Radiance Ballet
Offers homeschool classes.

Rejoice! Ballet Academy of Bentonville
Offers day classes for homeschool students. Homeschoolers also make up the majority of many of our after-school programs.

Trinity Academy of Ballet
Offers a homeschool class.

Tutus and Tap Shoes
Ballet/Tap classes (for ages 3-4 and 6-8) on Thursdays start in September. Fayetteville.
Arkansas Regional Bands
Homeschool band.

Art Lessons with Katie Cole
Group and private art lessons for homeschoolers. Emphasis on art history and learning techniques that artists from all eras have used.

Carli Becker, Artist
Click link for information on Art Classes.

Emma Martin
Offers piano, violin, voice, and ukulele lessons. Was homeschooled and is great with kids. Located in Gravette and Bentonville. Call or text (479) 866-5804.

Henzie's Art Studio
Located in Gravette, is a family-run business that offers fun weekly art and craft classes for kids aged from 3-17 years old. A wide variety of art mediums are offered for homeschool students ranging from drawing, painting, 3D Art, mosaic, clay, print-making, mixed media, science art, machine sewing, story art, etc. Teachers from the studio are trained and experienced art educators who have over 10 years of experience and have been teaching at different homeschool groups in NWA. Contact: call or text (479)787-3307 or email

Homeschool Choir/Music with Choice Education Network
Homeschool Choir for K-12. Advanced choir (audition required) for ages 10+.

Inside Out Studio in Farmington
Keyla Sugg, vocal, piano, guitar, and ukulele instructor (479) 879-0423. Offers lessons at a discounted rate to homeschool students. Keyla, as well as the owners of the studio, are homeschool parents.

Masterful Hands Art School
Offers art classes for students ages 8-18.

Rachel Schuett
Voice and piano lessons, between Rogers and Siloam Springs. I will travel to client's home for lessons. Availabilities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have my Bachelors in Music Education. Call (210) 363-3858.

Scott Family Amazeum Homeschool Program Series
Homeschool Adventures at Scott Family Amazeum offers a multi-week series that explores concepts of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) through creative, hands-on explorations. Adventures are scaffold from week to week, adding a deep-dive, interactive experience to your homeschool curriculum. Programming runs through the school year.

X-Factor Drama Class
The Yvonne Richardson Community Center in Fayetteville offers weekly Drama Classes on Wednesdays for 7-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds. Contact Jeff Poole with questions (479) 444-3404
ACE Curriculum Room
The ACE Curriculum Room is a collaboration of Social Homeschoolers Network of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas State HSLDA Ambassador program. These two programs offer resources, opportunities and assistance to homeschoolers, and have come together to provide an open to public curriculum resource room for homeschoolers. If you are thinking about homeschooling, or currently homeschool but need a change, we have resources and curriculum examples for public viewing by appointment. To set up at time to view curriculum and discuss resources for homeschoolers, contact us at

Blessings Used Books and Homeschool Curriculum
I am a homeschool mom of two and love to help homeschool families and public and private school teachers find literature, curriculum, and other educational items at a price that meets their budget. I have a large amount of books and curriculum in stock. Contact through FaceBook link above or email at

CPO Discount Christian Store
New and used books. Has homeschooling section. Located in Springfield, MO.

The Friendly Bookstore
Used books at great prices! Has a homeschool section.

Kapture Marketing
Kapture Marketing is a local print & sign shop that can support homeschoolers with curriculum printing, we can do Curriculum print and bind, worksheets, poster boards, etc! We ourselves have homeschool kids and know how much of a chore it can be and so much ink! Additionally we offer event materials ranging from shirts, banners, backdrops, large signs, to liven up your event and create awareness.
Contact us at or 479-935-2000 – tell them Bobby sent you

NWA Used Homeschool Curriculum Exchange
Facebook group. This group is exclusively for the homeschoolers in Northwest Arkansas to buy, sell or trade used curriculum.

Once Upon a Time Books
Used books.

The Pilgrim's Way
Sells used curriculum. Located in Springfield, MO.
Southern Arkansas University
Available for High School Juniors and Seniors.
John D. Gore, M. Ed, M.A., Coordinator of Concurrent Education/Admissions Counselor and History Adjunct Instructor / (870) 904-1219
Altitude Trampoline Park
Offers a homeschooling discount.

Barnes & Noble
Offers a teacher discount card to homeschooling parents, free of charge.

Offers Homeschool Membership: $12.49/month/person. This price will be charged monthly to a credit or debit card until April 2023. This membership gives access to the park M-F from 9am-3pm only on public school days. It is not valid on major holidays, Fall Break, Christmas Break, nor Spring Break.

The Happy Wagon
Offers a homeschoolers discount.

Once Upon a Time
Offers a teacher discount to homeschooling parents.

Penney Lane Photography
Homeschooling mom, local photographer. Periodically offers homeschool specials. Contact Penney for details (479) 586-3793.

Samaritan Shop
The first Saturday of each month is Teacher/Student Discount Day. 50% off books, clothing, and shoes. This is for private, public, charter, or home schools. (2 locations: Rogers and Springdale)
Creative Counseling Center of NWA
We are community-minded and would love to assist members of the home schooling community with whatever challenges they may be facing. Our experienced therapists are ready to help!
-Cathy Piercy is a child and adolescent therapist who utilizes an approach that is tailored to the individual child and family’s needs, which includes non-directive and structured play therapy techniques, dyadic relational therapy, Sandtray therapy, CBT, EMDR, TF-CBT (Trauma focused CBT), and CPP.

Education Alliance
The Education Alliance is a statewide homeschool support organization based in Little Rock. They seek to protect, protect, and strengthen homeschooling in Arkansas. They are a non-profit group and do not charge a membership to join. They provide the following services: high school transcripts, home educator cards, student ID cards, graduation and diplomas, Homeschool Day at the Capitol, Notice of Intent forms, government relations, discounted HSLDA membership, consulting services, honor society, newsletter, and social media updates.

HSLDA Ambassador
Denise Cockrell, AR Ambassador Volunteer
(479) 659-4023 / /
HSLDA Compassion Grants help homeschool families continue homeschooling through difficult times. Contact Denise for information.

Website or app:
Facebook group: JustServeNWA
Looking for volunteer opportunities for your homeschooler? Use the website or app to find volunteer opportunities for your family or group to participate in. Search by zip code or interests. Email or join Facebook group for more info.

University of Arkansas Speech and Hearing Clinic
Provide evaluation and treatment for delays/disorders in Articulation, Language, and Literacy. The clinic accepts private pay, insurance and Medicaid. Stephanie Hicks is a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) and Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). She is trained in Take Flight and SEE (Sequential English Education) for dyslexia intervention.
Located at 606 North Razorback Road, Fayetteville - (479) 575-4509 -